"SQLitespeed" is a database manager for SQLite with greater emphasis on Database systems and software development. SQlitespeed makes the standard importing, reviewing and general working with datasets, easier - and, as the name implies - as fast as possible.

"SQLite" is one of the best systems ever invented for RDBMS needs. The lightweight portable design, open source format and rigorous testing suite makes it the most widely used and best engine in the "lite" category (and in the top ranks of all the other categories).

SQLitespeed evolved to make the power within SQLite more accessible and quicker to harness for a wide audience with a bias towards software developers and development environments.


    The software is suitable for most development cycle needs such as learning SQL, Visual design interfaces and testing SQL functions and functionality. This is what every SQL DB manager out there offer and SQLitespeed sports the usual functionality not worth mentioning.

    A Quick overview of the things that are worth mentioning:

  • SQLitespeed has an easy-to-use and accessible interface but is geared towards experienced users, placing larger emphasis on speed and the actual use of the SQL language. The true quickness reveals itself more and more as you grow accustomed to the interface and layout - tuned by people who use SQLite daily.

  • In the quest to be more of an educational experience than just a tool, and thanks to the new Script processor in version 2.0.1, we've include some well-documented SQL scripts to illustrate on a basic level many of the SQL and SQLite functions and peculiarities discussed on the SQLite forum. There are of course some very advanced techniques shown too for those interested. (Elect to add the example scripts during installation and find them in /Documents/SqliteScripts afterward).

  • SQL code completion and highlighting with quick descriptions of keywords, functions and operations (and showing parameter prototypes), and references to the owners of database objects and more...

  • Two Query-History processes per Database with one offering standard step-back-step-forward navigation through recent queries, while the other keeps a complete and editable history view which is fully copy, paste, bookmarking and code-completion-and-highlighting enabled.

  • Nearly every available function that can be achieved through standard SQL has an option to display the SQL for it rather than simply executing in the background - though silent compliance remain an option.

  • Copy your queries to any programming language, and change how it is formatted or make up your own formats.

  • Import any tabular formatted files, CSV, Spreadsheets, SYLK, broken files, etc; Set your own format specification and fix files as you import them.

  • Import huge files; Understand the size, cardinality, type and presence of import data and then edit it before the import; Model the table layout on the import data, set column types and constraints easily upon importing. (This functionality arose from having to regularly import and understand "dirty" data and is a cardinal reason for the existence of SQLitespeed).
    (Screenshot: Importing Raw data ;   Screenshot: Importing Separated data)

  • Export data (or even simply copy it to the clipboard) in most favourite formats - CSV, Excel / OpenOffice Spreadsheet, Structured XML, SQL or Javascript object notation (JSON) formats. (Many times, SQLitespeed is used as simply a way to change files from one format into another).

  • Have as many Queries as you like open at the same time in "popped-out" panes to easily refer between Queries, re-run, re-use or swap back or simply have it hang around as SQL sticky-notes. Copy or Export from any of them.

  • Very quick Documentation access - Press [F1] in any SQL key-word in the Query-editor and the documentation for it will open instantly. On the documentation page everything is easy to find and directly linked to the on-line SQL / SQLite documentation.

    New features in version 2.0.2:
    • Support standard SQLite functionality and changes up to version 3.9.2 - (Backwards compatible with DLL's down to version 3.7.8).
    • Export Query results to SQL (INSERT / REPLACE) with formatting for any of SQLite/PostGres/MySQL/MSSQL compatible flavours. (Most other engines will read one of those formats).
    • Improved Schema documentation (Now with working HTML linking).
    • Script Engine Improvements - Automatic-add query lines; Use external editor; Improved results formatting.
    • Improved Databse management, Search and find all valid SQLite3 databases in folders. (Can copy-paste results)
    • Improved click-to-add Keys, Indices and Triggers in visual Table designer.

    New features in version 2.0.1:
    • Automated Schema documentation for all Database objects (with SQL and HTML exports).
      Documentation   Example 1    Example 2
    • Script Engine and Script editor to design and run / debug (step-through) SQL scripts. (Allows parameters when used within SQLitespeed)
    • Visual editors for all Table-constraints (Foreign Key, CHECK constraints, Primary keys and Unique keys).
    • Test and debug schema changes to Tables or Views before implementing them.
    • Visual Themes - many different themes to ensure everyone will find a look that is comfortable to work with.

    New features in version 2.0:
    • Access databases from an overview control panel and group them into Projects for easy access of multiple related databases.
    • Search files among your projects, or anywhere on your computer for Databases or even specific database objects (Tables, Triggers, Indices, etc.).
    • See: File and DB object Searches
    • Double-click Database links in a Project to open the Database. Links may now also point directly to a specific table to open.
    • View core SQLite-specific Database Information from the overview panel. File listings indicates database validity, presence and accessibility.
    • Drop in your own compiled sqlite.dll and use loadable extensions on the fly (Previously used extensions are remembered for easy future loading).
    • View, select or manage Views from the menu. Create new Views from your query results.
    • Export Queries to SQL in addition to all previously supported formats (CSV, JSON, XML, Spreadsheet).
    • Support all new SQLite functionality, pragmas and conventions up to version 3.8.11

    Other features Include:
    • Complete Visual designers for tablesprimary/unique keyscheck constraintsforeign keystriggers and  indices.
    • Alter tables and columns with adjustment of all table objects.
    • Create new tables using other tables as templates - including their triggers and indices.
    • Quick-backup (to automatic files) and full custom backups with restores confirming data version date and time before commencing.
    • Compare tables - highlighting differences in structure and data.
    • Easy-reading graphical interpreter of Database statistics (Via Analyzer output).
    • Query stats meter: Time taken, Memory usage, etc.

What it isn't...

Everything that went into SQLitespeed were chosen on a basis of: "Is it faster this way?". Whenever the answer was "no", that function got axed. Consequently, SQLitespeed is recommended as a speedy tool biased towards experienced users or to use alongside your favourite SQLite admin program.

Some specific items excluded:
  • Even though it includes a very quick Query designer - it forgoes visual implementation of Joins and Sub-Queries.
  • It does not offer schema or schema-data export translation to MySQL, PostGres, Oracle, MSSQL etc. at this point, however, those are available in more commercial systems - please enquire.
  • Linux/Unix/WinRT versions not available currently, and (apart from RT) unlikely to be available in future.
  • While Mac OS X support is feasible, thus far not enough requests received to warrant the port - feel free to let us know if this is something you would want.


The following on-line Resources provide great education, SQL insight or alternative systems for understanding and managing SQLite databases.

ResourceDescription PlatformLink
Documentation SQL as understood by SQLite Web
Tutorial SQLite Database tutorial on Guru99 Web-Interactive
Tutorial Basic SQL tutorials on Web-Interactive
DB Manager DB Browser for SQLite Cross-Platform
DB Manager SQLite-Expert Database manager Windows


With special thanks to:
  • Everyone working on, using or testing SQLitespeed - a heartfelt thank-you to all!
  • The SQLite developers: Dean Hipp, Dan Kennedy and Joe Mistachkin; The testers, users and specifically forum community who tirelessly answer all our questions.
  • Icon pack providers "FatCow" over at for excellent iconic artwork.
  • Friends and Colleagues offering direct assistance: Valerie Yu (Proofing) and Davey van Nes (Web development).
and every scientist out there...

Copyright: Right to Copy

This software is published under the GNU General Public License which you can read here:

But... nobody reads long-winded licences, so here is the very short version:
You may use this software as much as you like, and share and copy it to whomever needs it at your/their own risk.
I would like you to send suggestions for changes rather than attempting to alter it.

Included SQLite Libraries, extensions and binaries are graciously offered by the SQLite community in the Public Domain - See below.
The only thing you may explicitly NOT do is claim original content or attempt to sell any of it in part or in full.

About SQLite

SQLite is a software library that implements a self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional SQL database engine. SQLite is the most widely deployed SQL database engine in the world. The source code for SQLite is in the public domain.
SQLite Public Domain Copyright notice


The software is Windows™ 32-Bit based* and should work on all compatible platforms but has only been tested on 32bit XP Pro, 32/64bit Win7, 64bit Win8/8.1, 64bit Win10. It is not compatible with Win 8 R/T 64bit.
Please feel free to report back on compatibility quirks on other platforms.

A 64 bit build is available on request. (The SQLite3 DLL supplied is 32-bit).

*Microsoft, Windows, WinXP, Win7/8/10 and all similar references are all Registered Trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

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This software is provided free of charge and free of any known malware, adware or any other 3rd-party software - but no official claims are made in this regard - it is your responsibility to stay safe.

As a security-measure, md5 File-Hashes are provided on the downloads page for the installer exe. The SQLite tools included can be verified (or re-downloaded) from

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